December 2015


Johnston HM xmas2009_Side01smUntangle those lights, pull out the inflatables and start decorating!  Whether you’re a Clark Griswold or a Norman Rockwell, dazzle us with your creations.  Lights must be on from December 7th through December 20th.  We will be judging both neighborhood and individual homes and all entries will be included on our ‘Twas the Lights Before Christmas Map.  Categories include Clark Griswold, Norman Rockwell, Debatable Inflatable, Neighborhood and Reason for the Season. Be creative, be festive!

We are no longer accepting applications.

Category Descriptions:

  1. Clark Griswold – Excessive use of outdoor lighting and decorations
  2. Norman Rockwell – Looking for an old fashioned, traditional and nostalgic holiday display
  3. Debatable Inflatable – Is it too much or just right? It’s debatable, 8 or more inflatables required for this one!
  4. Simply Homemade – 50% or more of yard display must be handcrafted
  5. Reason for the Season – Religious holiday display
  6. Neighborhood – Neighborhood participation with multiple displays.

‘Twas the Lights Before Christmas Homes Map and Listing

*Houses must be within the Temecula City Limits.